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Krondor is an island in the Great Ocean, about the same size as Pennsylvania or Iceland. There is one major human settlement on the island, the trade town of Newport, on the southern coast of the island. The southern region is sprinkled with independent human and demi-human settlements and petty fiefs founded by exiles, outlaws and colonists over the last century, but the northern 2/3 of the island are controlled by bands of humanoids and monsters. There is a mighty volcano located near the center of the island.

This island of Krondor is made up of many square-ish provinces 12 miles to a side identified by a letter and a number.

The Ginster Trade

The reason that settlers keep attempting to establish holdings on Krondor, despite the ferocity of the monsters present on the island, is the existence of the Ginster Berry. A gallon of Ginster berries can be ground down to a pound of Ginster Powder which can be sold on the mainland for 15gp. Ginster powder is a delightful spice for meat and vegetables and has amazing anti-parasitical properties, which makes it a high demand product. The Royal Krondor Company has a monopoly on the export of Ginster products of all sort. They will buy a gallon (about 10 lbs.) of berries for 5gp at Newport, and will also react with extreme violence to any attempt to circumvent their monopoly.


The climate of Krondor is temperate, not unlike that of Pennsylvania. Prevailing winds come from the East, and there is heavy precipitation in the South of the island in the Spring and Fall. Snow accumulates fast on the island in colder months, but ocean borne currents melt large deposits within a week. Winters are often bitterly cold and dry, with biting winds - particularly in the highlands to the North where there is less precipitation.

Our Heroes


  • Episode 1 - “Escape from Goblin Island” and “Find that Crab!”
  • Episode 2 - “Mystery of Baldpate Beacon” and “Smirkenburg Mines Trips 1 & 2”
  • Episode 3 - “Caer Smirken, Level 1”
  • Episode 4 - “The Dwarf Hole”


The principal town in the southern region of the island of Krondor is called Newport. It was founded about a hundred years ago by the explorer Sir Edward of Gath. It serves principally as the center of the Ginster trade and as a landing point for prospective inland settlers. It’s ruled by Nedwyn, Viscount of Newport, a descendant of Sir Edward, who also holds the largely empty title of Lord Lieutenant of Krondor. However, it is arguable as to whether the Viscount or the Factor of the Royal Krondor Company has more real power. While all the inhabitants of the town claim that it was built within the last century, about one in four buildings is smaller in size that the rest, is inhabited by gnomes, and appears to be quite a bit older than 100 years.


Let's keep a running log of the truths here.


Smirkenburg Ruins

Factions, Tribes and Gangs

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